Why Background Actor's Resource?
Although there are many reasons why you should have a Listing Service, the single most important reason is exposure.

  Background Actor's Resource  sole purpose is to make sure you get that exposure to maximize your chances of getting booked. You could spend a whole day listening to job listings posted on the work lines and then on hold trying to get through to the casting director who posted the job only to be told "you're not the right look" and utimately not get booked. This can and will seem like a huge waste of time, and is often very discouraging.

    Having Background Actor's Resource  in your corner will display multiple pictures of you on their website as well as list your physical features and any other special abilities you may have to every casting director in L.A. that uses our service. CD's will use our service very much like you use a menu in a restaurant.... They log on to our website and shop our database to fill their show's order. The advantage here is that you'll always be on that menu.

    The botton-line here is Background Actor's Resource  does ALL the work for you. So if you're on a set and have limited access to your cell phone or just don't have the time to sit on hold waiting for a CD to answer, you'll have the comfort knowing with our service you're being marketed and shopped to casting directors who at the same time are trying to fill their background orders for the next work day.  

    And the monthly fee for our service is low and affordable. If you're non-union, one job booked will pay for an entire month. If your SAG / AFTRA then usually one job booked will pay for two months. 

    Whether this is your craft, passion, or what helps pay your bills... Don't leave your success on hold or with a busy signal. Submit now and let us help you make this career path an easy and more successful one. Come Join Us Today..!!!