Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


(1) Does BAR work with independent casting service agencies?

-        YES.. We currently work closely with 10 other Casting Agencies.

-        However, we are also actively working to expand that list to other agencies.

(2) Does BAR accept money or gifts from or pay Casting Agencies for the use of their services.

-         NO

(3) Does BAR allow background actors to put themselves on “Freeze” (not pay for a month(s)) this is usually done during hiatus periods?

-        NO. You may not put yourself on “Freeze” for any length of time while a member of BAR. HOWEVER if you do go into an "Inactive" status and decide to come back on service you must pay for the months that you missed.

Ex: You put yourself on an "Inactive" status for the months of May and June. When you come back in July you must pay for the two months missed as well as July. 3 months total.

(4) If I go off service for personal reasons, will I be able to come back?

-        Yes/No. This will be considered on a case by case basis.

-        Many factors will be taken into consideration. The three main factors will be:

o   Length of time off service

o   Reason for leaving

o   The needs of our roster

(5) When is our monthly fee due every month?

-        Your fee is due by the 1st day of every month. You can also pay a few days, weeks, or months in advance if you like.

(6) What if I forget or don’t pay by the 1st of the month? What happens to my membership to BAR’s service?

-        Everyone gets a 5 day grace period to pay their fee. However come the 6th day of that month if your fee has not been paid you will be placed in an inactive status and you will be locked out of your profile. A $10 late fee will also be imposed on your current month's fee

(7) If I go past the 6th day grace period to pay my monthly fee and can’t access my profile to pay it, what should I do?

-         You must contact BAR Mgmt and request that your profile be reactivated.

-        You must also pay for the month you are late as well as the next month. NO EXCEPTIONS

You will also receive a $10 late fee on top of your current month's fee.  


(8) How do I get my profile re-activated from an inactive status?

-         You must call or email BAR Mgmt and request that your profile be put back into an active status. However, if your profile is in an active status there is obviously a reason for it. This reason must be addressed and resolved before your profile is reactivated.

(9) What is BAR’s fee payment schedule?

-        Background Actor’s Resource is a Month to Month Calling service. Monthly fees are due on the 1st of every month and are good for 30 days of representation.

(10) Can I join BAR’s Service any time of the month?

-        Yes: You may submit to BAR at any time. And we do prorate everyone's fees depending on when they start, so you may start during the middle of a month or not start till the 1st of the next month.

-        Background Actor’s Resource keeps all of its clients on the same month to month schedule (1st thru 30th/31st).

(11) Once a member of BAR’s roster, can I leave service when I feel BAR is no longer a good fit for me.

-         YES. We’ve designed our service so that there’s no strings attached. No pre-payment, no first or last month’s payment requirements.

-        There is NO monetary penalty or expectations of any kind if you decide to leave BAR’s service.

-        However, we DO NOT refund for portions of a month not under our service meaning if you decide to leave our service on the 15th of any given month we will NOT refund you for the days not represented.

-        If you decide to leave service, it would most likely be wise to stay on-board until the end of the month, however the choice is yours.

(12) Are there any guarantees of work if I’m with Background Actor’s Resource?

-         No… unfortunately we are not able to give any guarantees of work because we are not the Casting Service or employer of hire.

(13) Does my check come from Background Actor’s Resource?

-        NO, BAR is NOT the “Employer of Hire”. We simply work with the Casting Services to help find you work.

(14) What happens if I have not received payment for a day(s) work?

-         You should contact the Casting Service that hired you i.e (Central Casting, Rich King, Virgo)

-        You may also contact BAR to help you resolve the issue with the casting service, however we are not responsible for the payment of the day(s) work in question.

(15) How do I make my monthly payment?

-         Once a member of BAR’s service we create a profile page for you. From that page you are able to use a credit card to pay your fee.

(16) Does BAR accept any other forms of payment other than credit cards.

-        YES. You may pay by Money Order or Cashiers Check.

-        NO Personal Checks / No Cash

(17) Is BAR’s Credit Cards processing service secure?

-         100% secure. We have an SSL certificate and our website holds NONE of your personal credit card information within the website itself.

(18) Is there an “automatic debt” program that I can participate in?

-        YES: If you prefer an Auto Debt option, please call the office. 

(19) Will BAR ever have an office in the Burbank / Studio City area that will be accessible and have office hours.

-        YES, Right now BAR is a new service and is trying to establish itself in our industry. Once we have a firm footing and a strong business, our next step would be to get an office front and hold business hours.

(20) Do I need to submit my own photos for my profile page, or will BAR take them for me?

-        BAR will use the photos that you submit to us for your profile page. However, once established we will open an office where you can come in and we will take the photos for you and establish a uniform style of pictures for your profile pages.

(21) Can I put myself available under my calendar even if I’m ONLY avail before/after a certain time.

-        NO. While there is a section within your calendar that allows you to place comments next to each date, its purpose wasn’t meant for you to tailor each day to your hours of work preference. It’s simply just too hard for BAR or it’s casting agents to look under each person they book to make sure they don’t have specific hour preferences.

-        If you are not avail to work a full day of work, you may not list yourself as available.   

(22) How do other casting agencies outside of Central operated?

-        Unfortunately I can not answer this question, I did not work in their offices and it would be wrong of me to comment on their way of conducting business.

(23) Can I have two (2) calling services?

-        Absolutely NOT..!!! For obvious reasons “Double Bookings”. Some of you will attempt to navigate this and hold two services. Fortunately you represent BAR with your performance and professionalism. Unfortunately, if you put that newborn reputation at risk with the casting directors we all rely on to book you, Background Actor’s Resource will not be able to represent you.  

(24) Is there a difference between Calling Service and Listing Service?

-         No, they are one in the same, just use different titles

(25) How will I be able to inform BAR of my availability?

    Our website will give you 100% control over your schedule and availability. You log on to your profile page and click the days you want to make yourself available for the next week or day by day. It’s up to YOU..! BUT PLEASE remember, your availability is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

-        There will be special circumstances from which you’ll be able to call in your availability like “Matching shot recalls” that you were unaware of. But 98% of the time you will only be able to do it on-line thru the website.

(26) How do I contact BAR?

-        Please visit our “Contact Us” page within our website.  

(27) How will I be notified if I am booked?

-        Our main method of notification is by text. When you sign up we will organize that with you. However, if texting is not possible with your cell service or phone then we will email or call you to notify you of your booking.

(28) What do I need to do if I have to cancel a work call?

-        You need to CALL the casting service (Rich King, Central Casting, etc) and if possible ask for the casting director who booked you, and let them know you are no longer available to work.

o   They will ask for a reason and you will need to have a good/valid reason to give them. They will add it to your record.

-        ONLY IF you are unable to contact the casting service from which you were booked from are you to call BAR so that we may attempt to notify the casting service of your need to cancel. 

(29) Does BAR have a "No Work" policy in place. 
       YES. Please visit BAR's "Fees" page to learn more about this policy.