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How May I Be of Service to You...
Robert Saldivar

    Welcome once again and thank you for visiting my website... A graduate of Fullerton JC and Cal State Fullerton, I completed my degree in Administration of Justice because I had high hopes of becoming a law enforcement officer. After serving four years in our nation's armed forces, the plan was to apply to every police agency accepting applications but the road to becoming a Peace Officer is a long and often complicated process. So I needed to find a job that could challenge and keep me sharp while waiting for the agencies I applied for to get back to me.
In comes Central Casting.... 

   Applied with and hired by in May of 2000, I started off on the "night crew". Those who are familiar with Central know this is where all the after hours changes come through... Data Entry, Call Time Changes, Cancellations, and Emergencies just to name a few of their duties. I worked with the night staff for approximately a year and a half before a lateral position opened up on the day crew. I expressed an interest in the position and was offered a shot at being a casting assistant from which I ran as fast as I could with and never looked back...

   As it turns out I was pretty good at this line of work and for the next nine years I navigated my way through the different levels and structures a person must do to rise to the level of Lead Casting Director.  I achieved this in just four years and in 2005 was given the helm to my very own set of shows for the upcoming fall season. As a Lead Casting Director my eyes opened up to the many different aspects and responsibilities that came with the position. The "Buck" sort of speak stopped with me in regards to all the shows I cast for, and I soon became the go to person for quick answers that pertained to both SAG and AFTRA contracts as well as non-union labor laws. However more important than all that, was that I was able to see and figure out all the little but highly important things that made a good casting director GREAT.
For Instance...
     1) What made a good background actor
     2) What does a casting director expect out of a background actor
     3) As a casting director, what could I do to be a more efficient when casting my shows.
     4) How could I exceed the expectations of my clients
     5) I was able to develope and hone a better set of communication skills 
     6) I was able to build stronger multi-tasking, and attention to detail skills
     7) I knew each show had different needs, so when they asked for "Cops" or "Hot Bar" types. 
         I knew EXACTLY what type of actor they were looking for.
     8) Are YOU a good candidate for 18tly, Homeless, or Red Neck w/ beater car? I could tell you.

In comes Background Actor's Resource....

Shows I have worked on as a Casting Director:
      Lucky 2003
      The "L" Word (L.A.) 2004
      Friends 2003-2004
      Las Vegas 2003-2005
      Entourage 2004-2006
      Joey 2004-2005
      Love Inc. 2005
      E-Ring 2005
      HUFF 2005-2007
      Weeds 2005-2007
      Bones 2005-2007
      Old Christine 2005-2009
      Ghost Whisperer 2005-2010
      Better With You 2010-2011
      CSI Miami 2007-2011
      Parks and Recreation 2008-2011
      Justified 2010-2011
      Criminal Minds 2007-2011

      Spider-Man (2002)
      Looney Tunes (2003)
      Spider-Man 2 (2004)
      Million Dollar Baby (2004)