BAR's Monthly Service Fees

Background Actor's Resource
Service fees are month to month and require NO contract.
   - UNION (SAG / AFTRA) Members:
      Month to Month = $60.00
   - Non-Union Members:
      Month to Month = $70.00 
These rates apply for all ages and are subject to change WITH notice.
BAR Mgmt
*** Freeze Policy / Inactive Status ***
Background Actor's Resource understands that there will be circumstances that will arise and require you to put yourself on "Freeze" from time to time with our service. Per BAR's current policy, we do not allow our actors/actresses to put themselves on freeze for any period of time while a member of our service, however we do offer two options for you to consider. 
1) You may discontinue your service with BAR for up to two months, however upon returning from your self imposed "Freeze", you must pay in full for the months missed in order to be put back into "Active" status.
   - Ex: If you are a UNION ($60) BG Artist and you want to be placed on an Inactive status for the months of May and June. You must supply written notice to BAR.  When you return in July, in order to be taken off of Inactive status and placed back into an active one you must pay $150.00
      - $120.00 (Balance due for May:($60) and June:($60))
      - $60.00 (Fee for July)  
2) Another option you have is to continue to pay your membership fee. By doing so, this will qualify you for BAR's "No Booking" policy each month you are gone (please refer to our No Booking policy below). Basically you will receive a credit for not getting booked for that month and thus save a little on your membership fee for the next month.
***IMPORTANT:*** If you decide to close all communication and correspondence with BAR regarding your absence. There is NO guarantee BAR will accept you back when you decide to return. If you do not inform BAR or your intentions, we have the right to release your spot on our roster to another actor.
*** Guarantees of Work***
Background Actor's Resource is a Listing Service and NOT a CASTING AGENCY or Talent Agency. BAR does NOT operate as the direct Employer of Hire. Therefore Background Actor's Resource can NOT guarantee work, however we do have a "No Booking" policy in place.
*** No Booking Policy ***
      UNION - Booked ZERO (0) days = $10 credit for next month's membership fee's

      Non-Union -
 Booked ZERO (0) days = $10 credit for next month's membership fee's